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Importers and Distributors of chemicals and raw ingredients
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Your products can reach our Los Angeles warehouse from offshore ports in just two weeks.

The chemicals you need, when you need them

CAF International Corp. has over 15 years experience in procuring chemical products at the best possible price. We are dedicated to top quality global sourcing of chemical products.

We accomplish this by diligently researching all potential manufacturers worldwide and choosing only those that are vigilant to quality control and adhere to strict industry standards. We only choose suppliers that encourage our on‑site inspection on a regular basis. CAF has long‑standing and loyal relationships with manufacturers worldwide that enable us to consistently source in‑demand products at highly competitive prices.

CAF is unique in its ability to locate specific products, import them to US docks and transfer them from dock to distribution point in record time. We stock products in our bonded warehouses to get your product delivered efficiently and on‑time. If you are having difficulty sourcing a particular product, we are the place to start. CAF International Corp. continues to excel because we have held steadfast to our main goal, excellent highly personalized customer service.

Our extensive relationships with manufacturers worldwide allow us to bring you the highest quality chemicals, ingredients, and additives at a superior price and with minimal transit time.

These are just some of the products we have available:

Ascorbic Acid (50‑81‑7) · Caffeine (58‑08‑02) · Ferrous Citrate (23383‑11‑1) · Glycerine (56‑81‑5) · Glycine (56‑40‑6) Glycine 70% Cosmetic Grade Glycolic Acid (79‑14‑1) Inositol (87‑89‑8) · Malic Acid (6915‑15‑7) · Maltitol (585‑88‑6) · Mannitol (87‑78‑5) · Pancreatin (8049‑47‑6) · Pancreatin, USP · Pepsin (9001‑75‑6) · Potassium Sorbate (590‑00‑1) · Propylene Glycol (57‑55‑6) · Pyrilamine Maleate (59‑33‑6) · Riboflavin‑5'‑Phosphate Sodium · Senna Leaves (85085‑71‑8) · Sodium Ascorbate (134‑03‑2) · Sorbic Acid (110‑44‑1) · Sorbitol  (50‑70‑4) · L‑Tartaric Acid (87‑69‑4) · Taurine (107‑35‑7) · Thiamine Hydrochloride (67‑03‑8) · Thiamine Mononitrate (532‑43‑4) · Xylitol (87‑99‑0) · Xylose (41247‑05‑6)

Today's chemical sourcing for tomorrow's market

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